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Inside the Devil’s front office

Lou Lamoriello: All right boys, the Wild are looking to move Marek Zidlicky. He could be a real bargain, since he is a skill defenseman that just isn’t fitting in with Minnesota, and he wants out. Minnesota has no leverage and no need for Zidlicky. Now, what can we offer the Wild to make sure Marek ends up in a Wild sweater?

Aide 1: Well, we could swap Zidlicky for one of our defensemen. Kurtis Foster is probably expendable if we get Zidlicky.

Aide 2:  Hey, if we ar egoing to give them a former player, we could probably get Zidlicky for Veilleux. Why deplete our blue line unit?


Aide 3: No, no, I think they would be in the mood for a draft pick. Like a 2nd rounder?

Aide 2: Are you kidding me? I wouldn’t go higher than a third rounder in this kind of a situation. Remember, the Wild have no leverage right now. Heck, I would say MAYBE a third rounder.

Aide 1: What if we just offered up some young player that we are pretty sure isn’t going to be a star? We would be getting Zidlicky for a couple years, so they might at least want a young skater.

Aide 3: Just not a real hot prospect, right?

Aide 2: Someone like Nick Palmieri?

Aide 1: Sure. Someone with promise, but not highly touted.

Aide 2: Eh, I’m not sure….

Lamoriello: I am. I’ll be right back.


Aides: You did what?!

Lamoriello: I listened to you three, and I took into consideration all of your advice! We got Zidlicky! And all we gave up was exactly what your said! Foster, Veilleux, Palmieri a second rounder, aaaand a conditional third rounder.

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