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Inside the “Root Beer Summit”

Inside the root beer summit

I’m sure that you’ve all seen the most adorable hockey fight ever. In case you haven’t, here’s a refresher:


Apparently, NHLer David Booth was so moved by the video, he assembled the two children for a “root beer summit” to discuss any icky feelings about the fight as well as hockey in general. As always, Barry Melrose Rocks is always committed to bringing you breaking NHL news. Here is our coverage of this historic event, after the jump.



DAVID BOOTH: I’d like to welcome everyone here to this round table summit. Something as hilarious as two toddlers beating up each other has to be committed to history. SO first, lt’s meet the people involved. What’s your name, little boy?

JJ: I’m J.J.

ETNIE: And I’m Etnie.

BOOTH: Etnie? What kind of retarded hippie name is that?

JJ: That’s what I said!

ETNIE: You’re a poopypants!

BOOTH: Boys, BOYS! You’re both like six years old. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re both poopypants from time to time. Besides, this was at a Christian-themed hockey camp.

JJ: They told us that Jesus says to turn the other check and, uh…

ETNIE: And that Jesus keeps his head up!

BOOTH: So what started the fight?

JJ: I had two goals already…

BOOTH: Nice! Why not three?

ETNIE: It’s ‘cuz I’m a defender and I have to defend the goalie, even if I have to fight people.

JJ: And I got mad because I like hat tricks.

ETNIE: And then we fight (both kids laugh)

BOOTH: Were you guys really mad at each other?

J.J and ETNIE: No…

BOOTH: Was that your first fight ever?


JJ: Pretty much…I fight my invisible friend George all the time, but he always wins.

BOOTH: So what do you two want to do in the NHL?

JJ: I want to be a goal scorer!

ETNIE: I wanna be a goalie!

BOOTH: A goalie? You don’t want to be a goalie.

ETNIE: Yes I do!

BOOTH: Trust me, you don’t want to be a goalie.

ETNIE: My daddy says that goalies always get all the hot broads.

BOOTH: Well…yeah, they do. But they’re crazy broads. But in a way, it’s ok, because you’ll be crazy and emotionally fragile as well, so it kind of evens out, I guess.

JJ: I wanna go bafroom.

ETNE: Me too!

BOOTH: You know what? This root beer is going right though me, kiddos. This has been some good hockey talk, amirite?


BOOTH: Awesome!

JJ: Mr. Booth, can you tell us how to fight better?

BOOTH: Uh...I may not remember that stuff…for a few reasons...