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Minnesota Wild sign some old guy

Fine, 51 isn’t THAT old in normal life, but in hockey, it’s almost unheard of.  Friend of the Wild’s goalie coach, Paul Deutsch, got called up to be the guy in the coolest fantasy camp ever.  Even if he didn’t play, I’m sure it was awesome.  

The quick facts:
*I’m sure Deutsch got to tell stories about when he goaltended without twitter, neck guards, and ice girls.  
*Dwayne Roloson must have been thrilled to find out he was no longer the oldest goaltender in the league.  
*Even at 51 and not being a real professional athelete, Deustch still has a better time not being injured than Rick DiPeitro.  
*As much as the Leafs are boned in goal right now, I still don’t want to trade for this guy. Or Turco.