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Saluting the saddest man from the Winter Classic

The Winter Classic is the highlight of the regular season in the NHL. It was an outrage when it was canceled last year thanks to the lock out. It was such a marquee event that the game broke a record for highest attendence on an NHL game. It hearkens back to a players youth, and provides a spetacle for viewers watching at home. Even people that aren't regularly hockey fans are tuning in to catch the game. 

If you can't make it to the Cup Finals, this is the game you want to play in.

What I am trying to say is, someone must really hate John Michael Liles. Why else would someone let him come so tantalizingly close to playing in this game and then trade him. He had already suited up and skated in warm ups!

But alas, Liles was traded to Carolina for Tim Gleason and everyone felt bad about it, even Drew Miller, seen here consoling the guy who was supposed to be his opponent. Cold blooded, Toronto. Cold blooded.