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The Florida Panthers have a 20th Anniversary team

It sounds like the Florida Panthers are pretty proud of themselves for lasting as long as they have without moving to Canada. In your face Atlanta Thrashers and Flames! In that respect, they have set out to name every single captain in their history to their 20th Anniversary team. Who made the team? Let's see what the fans of the Florida Panthers decided in the making of this team. Who made it, Miami?

– Pavel Bure – One of the all time leading scorers in the NHL was perhaps the most well known Panther of all time.

– Wayne Gretzky – Great job on getting the sport right, Florida, but Wayne Gretzky never played for the Panthers.

– James Vanderbeek – I am going to assume they meant John Vanbiesbruck and give them half credit

– Don Shula – While Shula was a Miami area sports legend, he had no affiliation with the NHL or the Panthers.

– Luis Mendoza – Fictional character, actually, but at least he is from Miami and starred in a hockey movie. You're getting better, Miami.

– Tony Montana – Nope, not even close. 


I look forward to the unveiling.