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The Outdoor [drinking] Game of the Year: Philadelphia at Boston

Everyone is going to pay attention to the NHL on Friday. Well, when they aren’t watching the Rose Bowl. Everyone loves the novelty of playing a hockey game outside. Why is this? Nobody wants to watch Lebron James play at Progressive Field, you know? But the thing is, everyone loves it. Non-Hockey fans like yo watch for abotu 10 minutes as they show what Fenway Park looks like with a hockey rink in left field, likely hoping that someone gets checked into the Green Monster, even though it’s about 50 feet from the rink. The real allure, I think, is for hockey fans, because, for the most part, this is where we cut our teeth playing the game. Outside, at the local rink in depressingly intense cold, flurries flying. It’s going to take people back to their youth. And they will wonder why their dad’s loved it so much. It’s because they had booze to keep them warm.


… for every montage dedicated to olde tyme pond hockey. There will be many. I suggest laced hot cocoa.

… for every fan created NBC acronym sign. Extra drink for every letter away from the beginning of the word the N B or C is.

… if there is talk of a Manny that could have been playing in left in Fenway, until he was jettisoned from Boston. Drink thrice if it actually is about Manny Fernandez.

… if Jeff Carter is boning your wife.

Drinking player of the year: Adam McQuaid


– Adam McQuaid has played only three games this season, his first in the NHL. Wow, and he is already the drinking player of the year. What an honor.

– Adam is from Prince Edward Island. As it turns out, they do not recognize New Years Day as a holiday on PEI. Adam will go to bed at 1130, just like always, not knowing what the deal is.

– McQuaid got his shot when Milan Lucic was injured. Watch your back, McQuaid. Milan Lucic is no one to mess with.