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The Versus [Drinking] Game of the Week: Minnesota at Chicago

This is the second Minnesota-Chicago game we have had this season. What, is Minnesota not good enough to garner attention unless Chicago is involved? Vice versa? Why don’t they put the obviously superior Canadian teams on Versus? Especially if they want to show the Northwest conference. But I digress. I am glad the Wild are one of Versus’ favorite teams. If they can get on TV more, perhaps that will mean free agents want to come to Minnesota, knowing they will get the same TV time. Those narcissistic free agents. Since last we saw the Wild, they have really turned it around, thanks to newcomers stepping up, not the least of whom is noted lothario Guillaume Latendresse.Of course, with the Wild playing Brent Seabrook and organized crime’s favorite team, the Blackhawks, this is your classic “Good vs Evil” game. So that’s exciting. So anyways, I say we drink.


… Every time the word “concussion” is said as it relates to a Minnesota player. By the time you are done, you will have the spins worse than Pierre-Marc Bouchard.

… For every wrong answer you get in this quiz in the Blackhawk and Wild categories. Jocelyn Thibault is not an answer.

… If Andrew Brunette scores a goal with his head. Five drinks if he is called a wimp for not using his face.

… For every goal Minnesota scores, multiplied by the points Minnesota is ahead of your team in the standings [only applicable if your name is Schultz or Loser Domi]

Dinking player of the week: Duncan Keith


– Duncan decided to go to Michigan State, despite being from Manitoba. He claims it was for an education, I’m sure, but you can’t fool me. You went to Michigan State!

– The ‘Hawks claim he is the assistant captain. Everyone knows that Seabrook is the boss. When the cops come, Keith will be the first to go down, and Seabrook will get away problem free. Again.

– Duncan recognizes that the has station’s buy two sodas for 2 dollars deal is a good bargain, but he will decline the offer. He would rather steal them.