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The Versus [drinking] Game of the Week (Minnesota at Rangers)


Before we get started, I just have to make sure some mad props are given to Steve, one of the guys I write with at the Victoria Times for having one of the only 2 perfect brackets in the BMR pick em. Not bad. (Congrats to liftedram4X4 as well for your equally as meaningless lead). We are here, however, to talk about drinking. I mean hockey. Or something. I’m not sure. I’m still jazzed that we’ve got ads for Combos popping up everywhere here. How cool is that? I love Combos and I don’t even smoke the reefer. We at BMR sincerely hope that you go out and eat three bags of Combos when you step away from the internet. Now where were we? Oh right.


… if Gaborik is on the ice. Drink again with me when he inevitibly gets hurt.

… if there is a human interest piece on Eric Reitz’s time in Minnesota or Dan Fritsche’s in New York.

… for every chew caught on camera by Jacques Lemaire and his tiny, tiny, tiny piece of gum.

… if you ALWAYS get the Ranges’ Derek Morris confused with the pastor from Apopka, Florida. It always happens to me.

… when Sean Avery is on camera. Can you imagine him promoting Combos? “Combos. They’re great in your mouth. Just like your mom says about –” and then the camera cuts out.

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