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The Versus [drinking] Game of the week: Washington at Detroit

Lost in the threat to move Phoenix back to Winnipeg is the potential reorganization of the divisions in the NHL.. If Phoenix goes to Winnipeg, Colorado joins the southwest. If, say, Atlanta goes to Winnnipeg, then Detroit moves to te eastern conferencem where thy would play the Maple Leafs and Canadiens and Bruins and all those teams with history and whatever. Instead, they get to continue playing Columbus and Nashville about 30 times a year. Detroit, for one, is hoping the ‘Yotes stay in Phoenix.

What am I driving at? I’m saying that if the cards fall a certain way, we could be seeing quite a few more Wings-Caps games, but for now, these things are delicate gems that should be cherished, and drank to.


… if Pavel Datsyuk does anything warrenting a suspension

… every time the Caps’ winning streak is mentioned. They are at 9 games!

… If the phrase March Madness is involved. Like Valtteri Fllppula even knows who Butler is.

… for the Geico ads, twice if they are the Caveman commercials.. Seriously, a Washington Cap in the ads, and they went with Mike Green?

The drinking player of the week is…. Matt Hendricks!

Let’s see what the ladies at Talk-Sports have to say about the Capitals forward

– Sorry ladies, but Matt Hendricks is “happily married”

– Oh, you want some verification? An anonymous poster said that they they saw a ring on his finger when he took his glove off in a game one time. So, an anonymous source may or may not be sure that he is in fact wedded blissfully. Sounds about as legit as the existence of Tampa Bay.