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The Winter Classic Drinking Game

It really is a good thing that the game is played on the 2nd this year. I don’t think there is anyone who wants to do serious drinking at noon after getting smashed the night before (especially a champagne drunk). I mean, sure, they could go for a little hair of the dog, as they say, but drinking games are for fun, not for therapy. Well, not THAT kind of therapy, anyways. 
The game features the Rangers and Flyers which is great for the NHL, since it features two of the biggest markets in the league. If you don’t live in either city, the game isn’t all that exciting. At least last year,  we had Crosby and Ovechkin. Who is it this year? Giroux? Gaborik? I ‘ll cheer for the Flyers before I cheer for Gaborik. Ugh. 
I liked the Rangers better when they played outdoors in Mystery, Alaska.


… Every time weather conditions are displayed on screen.

… Whenever a shot of Jaromir Jagr in a Rangers uniform is onscreen. Three times if he is in a Pens uni. 5 times if it is a KHL jersey.

… For every alumni game highlight. Twice for every alumni  shown at the game. 5 times if they are interviewed. Ten if it’s Lindros.

… If Scott Hartnell is not allowed on the ice, as he is mistaken for a homeless grifter.

Drinking Player of the outdoor game: Andrej Meszaros!

As is our custom, here is what a bunch of delusional, anonymous women have to say about the man whose letters are complete nonsense.

Like I said, commenters are anonymous, which makes this anonymous comment funnier – “K WHO EVER PRETENDED TO BE ME ON THIS FORUM BY SAYING SHE [Meszaros’ girlfriend] IS MY AUNT IS A COMPLETE LIAR………AND I WILL FIND OUT WHO YOU ARE……”  Funnier and creepier.

Anyways, it appears young Andrej has a thing for older women: “She’s over 40, her name is Sandra, and her son is closer in age to Andrej than she is. Not sure if they’re still together, but I know for a fact that when he was traded to Tampa, they still were. She’s a good looking woman. Apparently she got a lot of money in her divorce settlement or something. She’s very nice, but I still think it’s strange that a guy in his early 20’s would want to date a woman in her mid 40’s.”  I pass no judgments, as I myself am single and embarrassingly bad at relationships.

That’ll do it for this one. Enjoy the game, and on behalf of everyone here at Barry Melrose Rocks… Happy New Year!