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Who infected our site?

Yes, it appears that there has been some malware that viciously assailed BMR. Who are the culprits? I think I have narrowed it down to a few people.

– The Sedins, who have not taken kindly to my posts over the years.

–  Jeremy Roenick, just because

– Barry Melrose’s enemies. I can’t imagine he has many, but if he does, perhaps they came after us confused.

– Adrian Dater, who has an unknown agenda against me

– The New Jersey Devils, upset that I haven’t come up with a clever little story line for them, and it has inevitably led to disaster in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

– Loser Domi’s new home, the fictional Tampa, which may or may not be real. 

– I don’t know, hackers?

Whatever the case, the guys at Bloguin are working to fix it. We should be back soon.