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Why is this being reported now?

Before I begin, I want to say that yes, it is not good to use speech that is derogatory towards any group of people, just for the way they are, and it is especially harmful to use said terminology as a general insult That said, this sort of thing, I am certain, has happened in the vast majority of professional sporting events, from basketball to football, to last night’s incident between Wayne Simmonds and Sean Avery. What I want to know is why this incident was reported to the press.

For those afraide of hyperlinks (ever since Schultz’s nude juggling home video incident), the situation is this: Avery punched Simmonds in the junk, and they yapped back and forth for the rest of the game, and Simmonds, according to Avery (take that with whatever grain of salt you wish), used a homophobic slur. It’s not right, if it happened, as I said, but I can’t fathom what makes this highly objectionable incident different from other highly objectionable incidents? It’s Sean Avery, right? 

For those who don’t believe my assertion that professional athletes are dicks, I say we just go to the tape (NSFW)