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Why LD Loves Hockey: Part One

Since Kevin’s such a big shot, he got to tell Puck Daddy five reasons he loves hockey. I figured I should take a stab at a list of my own.  I ended up writing well over 1500 words and had more than 5 reasons. While this is fine on its own, I think it’s a bit much to ask of readers (especially since “Ice girls” isn’t one of my reasons.) I didn’t put them in any sort of order, but here goes: LD’s “Why I Love Hockey: A Multi-part Series”

1: There’s always action: (that’s what she said)

I grew up watching the NFL, but one of the things I never liked about football was how there were so many games that ended with the players just walking around while the clock was still running. This was after watching 2 or so hours of guys running and hitting each other, and they just piss away the time walking it off? How annoying! In hockey, when play stops, the clock stops.

In every corner of the rink, there is something worth watching. Unlike some other sports, there is always some sort of action going on. There are no players just standing around twiddling their thumbs (except maybe the refs….heh.) Sure, it’s not so TV friendly, but what a good time.

2: Russians (and other East/Central Europeans)

“Unbeliebable.”(watch it at 3:45 for the interview in question)

I melt a little bit almost anytime I hear one of these guys (Czechs, Russians, Ukrainians, you name it) give an interview. True story. I don’t know why, but it happens. Not every exotic accent does this to me—for example, French guys do nothing for me. Maybe it was the schooling in Québec, but I digress. But if a Czech boy in hockey gear starts speaking, I start drooling, even if I cannot understand a word he says.