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Joe’s Mailbag: 2.0- Donald Trump stuff, Jon Snow’s real parents, Wrestlemania moments and NFL Draft

Joe's Mailbag2

Anthony Calandra: Opinions about Trumps interest in the Bills?

Ugh. I’m not a fan. While I can kind of ignore his radical, silly political agenda, he just fits the persona of greed and someone who would move the team to make more money. Id suggest to anyone to watch the USFL 30 for 30 and the Real Sports piece on him about fighting the Scotland Government to make a golf course there. Just very little remorse for people who are in his way when it comes to making a lot of money and just a manipulator.

My biggest fear is that whoever buys the Bills, they will say all the right things about loving the region and the importance of the team staying in Buffalo. Hell, that’s what will happen at the presser. No one will come out and say, “Yeah, the region is kind of blah, but we will see what happens” when they buy the team. We’d make death threats to the guy if he was indecisive.

They will probably pound the podium with their mighty weenie or fist and declare that Lindy ain’t going nowhere or the Bills in this case.

Then, if the Bills continue to have issues filling the stadium and aren’t making as much money in the luxury suite boxes business like if they were in a bigger market, an owner could pull the “We can’t support an NFL team” card and then by 2020, they move the team to LA or Toronto, where the value will increase by a ton.

It is a death knell proposition, but folks in the National MSM  have mentioned it as being possible. If anyone fits that type of shrewd businessman to do that, it is Donald Trump. Just Google how the guy made his fortune and some of the ways he’s crippled regions.

Anyways, I think Trump was just saying shit just for the attention. That’s always been his MO as he’s talked about running for president, governor and God knows what else for years, yet, he’s done jack shit. He’s a whore for publicity and he seems to be all bark and no bite. And since we are in Post-Ralph where if a story of Bon Jovi having dinner in Toronto with the Rogers people or Chad Kelly having beers in the parking lot with some guy who used to own a soccer teams hits Twitter and the news, we will go insane on Twitter. So, mission accomplished.

Also, Trump would have to sell like all his casinos, which I just don’t see it happening.

Chris Downey: Do you think any big twists are coming at WM and who does Buffalo take at No.9?

Ive actually thought about Hulk Hogan turning heel and going against Byran. However, I think it will be pretty straight forward and not many surprises. Bryan has to win. It is time. They have been milking this angle for 8 months and although creative tried to kill it with bringing in Booooootista, the fans wouldn’t let it die. The thought of having 70,000 people chanting “Yes” when he wins is too good of an opportunity for them to pass up on. It would be a Wrestlemania Moment.

Also, only three heels have ever walked out of Wrestlemania as the champion (Miz and HHH twice). Taker is keeping the streak until he dies and I think Shamus wins the battle royal. Shield should kill Kane and the Middle-age Outlaws. BTW, what a shitty fucken undercard. Such lazy folks in creative.

Who will the Bills take? I wanna say Ebron because I think they are more inclined to have skilled guys around EJ. I already went over why I don’t think an OT is the answer. Frankly, it is still too early for me to really make a guess. I think they definitely go offense though.

Andrew Bobeck: Greatest WrestleMania of all time?

In terms of in-ring product, I always liked Wrestlemania 22. The Foley/Edge and HBK/McMahon matches were bloodbaths. I also loved the Money in the Bank match and Cena/HHH. Taker was a bit of a letdown as he beat Mark Henry, but I do remember being satisfied afterwards. As far as importance, I think you have to go with Wrestlemania III. Andre the Giant being slammed by Hulk Hogan is the Dwight Clark making “The Catch” moment for wrestling.

Jayson Weigel Rumor is still out there that Buffalo and the Texans are still talking over 1 pick trade

Joe: Yeah, I smell smoke screen in that one. Maybe Texans are trying to get people interested in the pick and are leaking stuff out. I’m totally down with trading your picks for the #1 if you think you can draft a HOF or gamechanger at the top of the draft, but you have to be sure of it. Normally, I’d say that gamechanger is at QB and I just don’t see the Bills drafting one right now as they are all in on EJ.

I’ve been thinking about scenarios where the Bills could trade up. Maybe the Bills could look to move to the #4 or #5 slot to select Watkins or Evans. That would cost them their 1st and 2nd. I’m not going to sit here and say I know much about Evans/Watkins when it comes to whether they can play in this league as I’m not a draft expert. However, if the Bills see those WRs -who are supposed to go in the top 6 from what the mockers say- as Julio Jones/AJ Green, then why wouldn’t you try that?

Adam Pensel: Other than moving, Donald Trump owning the Bills is about the only thing that could make me stop being a Bills fan.

I wouldn’t go that far. I know his political stuff is fucken off the charts and insane, but as long as he keeps the team here PAST 2020 and spends money, I can avoid his silly BS. However, I tend to think if he did somehow own the Bills, he’d still fucken take on the Government and God knows what else in order to whore himself out.

 Some book spoils ahead, but more theory than anything concrete.

YES! A new greatest question ever asked on the mailbag (Sorry, Boner shorts). There’s actually a Wikipedia page dedicated to the theories on Snow’s parents. Let’s start with the basics…NO FUCKEN WAY Ned Stark betrays his wife to bang some random tavern wench. He’s too honorable and cheating on your wife is pretty dishonorable no matter how horny he was during the war. Ned would rather just wait until the war is over or just find some Vaseline.

In the first book when he discovers that Jamie/Cersei had kids together who are bastards, he starts thinking (All chapters are broken up into Points of views for characters) about Jon Snow and then his sister making him keep a secret when she was dying. Also, there’s subtle mentions about his sister (Lynna Stark) and Rhaegar Targaryen (Daenerys’ brother) having a bit of a crush on each other throughout the series.

Maybe they hooked up and out came Jon Snow and the secret was to not tell anyone that Jon is a Targaryen because they’d (Robert’s Rebellion crew) would kill him because they were killing all the Targaryens. Yes, the thought of Jon being a Targaryen and being the heir to the throne would fucken rule!