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Indians Contracts Going into 2013

Looking forward to next year, the majority of the players will likely be returning through various states of team control. These break down into a couple of categories, with most players being either in their arbitration years or earlier in their careers. Every player currently on the 40 man roster and those on the DL/restricted list are mentioned below.


Michael Brantley (1), Vinnie Pestano (2), Lonnie Chisenhall (3), David Huff (4), Jason Donald (5), Jeanmar Gomez (6), Jason Kipnis (7), Cody Allen (8), Lars Anderson (9), Scott Barnes (10), Russ Canzler (11), Ezequiel Carrera (12), Cord Phelps (13), Juan Diaz (14), Chris Seddon (15), Frank Herrmann (16), Corey Kluber (17), Zach McAllister (18), Scott Maine (19), Thomas Neal (20), Vinny Rottino (21), Danny Salazar (22), Fabio Martinez (23), Carlos Carrasco (60 Day DL), Nick Hagadone (MiLB Restricted) and Josh Tomlin (60 Day DL) will all be back for 2013 assuming they don’t get released or traded prior with the exception of Tomlin who will miss the entire season after Tommy John surgery. 

Arb 1

Tony Sipp (24), Brent Lillibridge (25), Lou Marson (26), Esmil Rogers (27) and Matt LaPorta (28) are all going into their first years of arbitration. 

Arb 2

Chris Perez (29), Justin Masterson (30) and Jack Hannahan (31) are going into their second arbitration seasons.

Arb 3

Shin-Soo Choo (32), Kevin Slowey (33) and Joe Smith (34) are all entering their final years of arbitration. Rafael Perez (60 Day DL) is entering his fourth year of arbitration after missing almost all of 2012 with injury.

Signed through 2013

Asdrubal Cabrera (35) and Carlos Santana (36) are the only two players with guaranteed contracts going through next year. Both are a steal for their level of production and show the value of signing young players to long term contracts. Santana will make $556,000 while Cabrera will pull in $6.5M.


Travis Hafner (37), Roberto Hernandez (38) and Ubaldo Jimenez (39) each have options of varying values. Hafner’s is a $13M option with a $2.5M buyout, making it a net difference of $11.5M for the Indians to keep him. Jiminez has a $5.75M option with a $1M buyout (net of $4.75M), while Hernandez has a $6M option with no buyout.

Free Agents

Grady Sizemore (60 Day DL) and Casey Kotchman (40) are the only free agents that have the option of leaving the Indians under their own free will going into 2013.

This article is mostly meant as a reference point and primer for future articles.