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3 Things We Need To Talk About

Three thoughts that don't merit an entire post. 

1) The Cards are saying that Mike Shannon's heart surgery was "scheduled" and that he's recovering well.


It's not Cardinal baseball in 2013 without Shannon. But let me ask this… aren't all surgeries technically 'scheduled'?

And if this was on the books for more than a week, why would everyone want the surgery 'scheduled' right before the most crucial stretch of the season, heading into the playoffs?

I guess it doesn't matter as long as the Moon Man is recovering… but I wonder if this came on a bit quicker than everyone is leading on.

2) It's time for Westbrook to move to the bullpen for long relief and mop-up duty.

Sorry, it is.

Another aborted start after 4 2/3 innings took what should have been a layup against a bad team down to the wire. The equation is simple… if you've got a starter that gets 8 runs of support against the last place team in your division, but still can't muster a win?

It's time. Respect for getting this far Jake. But it's time.

3) Here comes the ball-busting stretch of games. Are the Cardinals ready?

They're 20 games over .500 and won't play a team that's not Atlanta, Pittsburgh or Cincinnati until September.

No place to run. No place to hide. The Cardinals have made hay against poor and average teams in 2013. They've struggled against winning clubs. Here comes October in August, friends.