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A Cards Diaspora Public Service Announcement

David Freese. 

Remember that guy? He grew up in St. Louis. He had a couple of minor hits last postseason. He rocketed to fame. And he has an off-day on JUNE 28.

While many of us in his position would use off-days wandering Washington Avenue looking for Kama Sutra partners, Mr. Freese is holding a baseball camp at his former high school (Lafayette) for boys and girls 6 to 14.


And since one of the instructors is a friend of the site, he said if you e-mail him, you can get a discount code (EMAIL HERE) that will allow your kids to learn at the feet of the face of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Usually you get hacky reality TV recaps on this site. Today, you get a discounted ticket straight to the bigs. You’re so very welcome.