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A Recent History Of Cardinals Ejections

Matt Carpenter… come on down. You’re the first Cardinal ejection for 2014!

The Cardinals only had 7 total ejections in 2013: 4 by manager Mike Matheny. 1 by Yadier Molina. 1 by Daniel Descalso. And 1 by John Axford.

And while it looked like home plate umpire Bob Davidson was about to run Mike Matheny when he came out to argue Carpenter’s ejection, he didn’t.

Which is rare.

6 of the Cardinals 2013 ejections were 2-fers. On June 2nd (Yadi), August 9th (Descalso) and September 6th (Axford) – Matheny was ejected along with the player in the game.

July 11th was the only game where Matheny was ejected solo.

And for the record, this was the 6th MLB ejection of the season.

Photo: Youtube.com