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Adam Wainwright, Everyone

Just like that, LaRussa is re-thinking this whole ‘coming back into baseball’ thing.

It’s been a long time since TLR had to be on the other end of swift kick in the junk like Adam Wainwright administered to the Diamondbacks Tuesday night. His team was completely and totally eviscerated by the current best pitcher in baseball, seeing, what some could argue, was his best ever performance.

9 Innings. 9 strikeouts. 1 hit. 0 walks. A mothertrucking masterpiece.

On the season, Wainwright now has a 1.88 ERA, a WHIP of 0.86, 65 strikeouts and 7 wins. This is the 5th game in 2014 that his start has led to a shutout of the Cardinals’ opponent and his 3rd positive decision in a row. Teams are batting a meager .185 against Wain-O.

I mean, what can you say that hasn’t already been said?

He’s a leader on the pitching staff. One of the best to wear a Cardinals uniform. He’s headed towards his first Cy Young award. Gives the bullpen unscheduled days off. And is generally one of the more likeable people in St. Louis.

Freaking love Adam Wainwright.

Sometimes after 162 games, lots of them can bleed together. Game 45, though? It will stand out. It’s a moment in time when greatness transcends the monotony of baseball.  And it’s a where, hopefully, the rest of America starts to take notice of that greatness we see every fifth game.

Photo: MLB.com