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Al Hrabosky Made Colin Cowherd Cry

Sometimes, you forget how great the Internet is.

Last Friday in a bit of ESPN synergy, Colin Cowherd (host of ESPN Radio's 'The Herd' and former co-host of SportsNation) went on the BS Report with Bill Simmons (Editor in Chief of Grantland.com) and had a expansive conversation. 

Cowherd is a pretty divisive figure (see this), but beneath all that bravado was a tender young child. A tender young child that got his heart ripped out of his chest and stomped on by none other than The Mad Hungarian, Al Hrabosky.

Let's listen together:

You can get the whole pod HERE, if you care to. 

But in the grand scheme of things you hear today, I have a hard time believing that you were expecting this.