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And We Have A New ‘Worst Loss’ Of The Season

Much like a courteous prostitute , the Cardinals at least have the decency to do the real dirty work under the cover of late night.

The Padres lambasted the feckless Cardinals 12-1 Wednesday night, repeatedly body slamming a pitching staff that has gone off the rails.

They also featured an offense that at the very best has shown indifference to actually earning a paycheck as opposed to cashing one.

The standings might read the Cardinals are only 2.5 games in arrears, but even staunch holdouts like myself are beginning to see that overcoming the deficit less as an inevitability and more of mountain akin to Everest to climb (with a flailing Sherpa to boot).

Let me just read you some of the averages in the line-up last night for the Padres: Cabrera (.219), Amarista (.235), Grandal (.206), Gyorko (.181), Alonso (.215), Venable (.212) and Hahn (.118). That’s 7/9th of the line-up that poured 12 runs all over the Cardinals.


At 3p today the non-waiver deadline hits. We’re not privy to what Cardinals GM John Mozeliak is thinking. But expectations of Jon Lester or David Price need to be toned down.

Because 106 games into the season, I think most fans would just settle for a guy or two that gave a rip that the season’s got less than 2 months left.

Photo: Shane Gujrat