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Are You Channeling LaRussa? Plus The Friday Links

Twice this week (both times after Marc Rzepczynski stink nuggets) I fielded phone calls wondering what the hell Mike Matheny was doing with this bullpen and why exactly he felt the need to extend the lone lefty reliever with any MLB street cred against RH batters.

I had to break it to both people that they’d been watching Tony LaRussa for 16 years and just because he only left LHers in to face LHers at the plate, Mike Matheny is actually more in line how most managers use their pen.

SIDE: What’s Google think about Mike so far? Hmm… he’s got a job now GOOGLE.

Anyway, back to my phone calls. 

Turns out after I pointed this little fact out to both these people, I got a pregnant pause. Both of these people were what I’d consider to be anti-LaRussa. Not the lunatic fringe type, but definitely people that weren’t going to go out of their way to praise TLR. And when they realized that Don Tony had acutally influenced them to the point of brainwashing, well, they got spooked. 

Perhaps this is apropos of nothing. But it is amusing to know that there are people out there that really didn’t like LaRussa, yet are getting mad at the Cardinals because they’re not doing things the TLR way. Just so happened he was around here for long and had so much success that we just got accustomed to his mercurial style and now we’re subconsciously still comparing Matheny’s ways to the ‘right’ ways.

Like it or not, you might be conditioned to think that ‘right’ was actually the LaRussa method.


Now, the Friday Links…

That’s it. That’s the week. The Cardinals welcome the Royals to town this weekend in an effort to get their record a bit more comfortably over the .500 mark. If you happen to see any Royal fans in town, make sure to be extra rude so they don’t have any incentive to stick around and stink up our part of the state any longer than needed.