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Bachelor Live Blog: The Finale LIVE!

We’re going LIVE for the season finale of The Bachelor. 

It’s all over, except for the final crowning of Courtney as the best Bachelor contestant of all time. She’s getting her ring tonight and Cards Diaspora is going to be covering it LIVE. Just for you.

Starting at 7 we’re going to turn oun our Cover It Live app below and commenting in real time as the show progresses and we’ll stop when the ‘After The Final Rose’ starts to get too boring.

Feel free to e-mail the link to anyone that you think might enjoy our banter and you’ll be free to comment as the action goes along as well. 

We’ll have polls, links and a look back at some of the moments that made Bachelor: Winemaker so very special.

So if you’re watching tonight, please check in and watch along with us. The app below will launch at 7p tonight.