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Black Thursday & The Friday Links

Sports History will not look back kindly on January 28th.

1) Jimmy Ballgame, he of former Cardinal glory gets a minor league deal with the Milwaukee Brewers and is coy on if he’ll ‘un-tuck’ against his former team if he makes his new one.

2) Steven Jackson, the ONLY bright spot in the Rams 2009 season either whipped the shit out of his girlfriend 10 days before his son was born or willingly dated one of the worst people on the face of the planet. Which leads me to point 3…

3) The Rams (per KTRS & Howard Balzer) are seriously mulling over a 725 million dollar cash offer for the Rams from an ownership group that will demand a new stadium before 2014 or most likely move the team.


Ok, point 1 is more disappointing than anything. Chances are Edmonds doesn’t make it out of spring training. But points 2 and 3 are pretty fucking scary for one of the last 45 Rams Fans left in this city.

The roommate and I were trying to figure out who the hell this team is supposed to fill seats with next season. Coming off a 1-15 season with the only star on the team getting accused of beating a prego woman and the same exact coaching staff that was just terrible last year.

Besides Ndamukong Suh’s mom and dad, will there be anyone else that’s signing up to spend money for this product?

Which leads to the disturbing realization that this Rams team is on very tenuous footing. If these allegations turn out to be true, it really could be the end of football in St. Louis.

For good.

I was there 4 weeks ago and the dome was dead. No hope. No life. Nothing. Just people glad it was over. The game and the season. At the time I was worried that even with the addition of an number 1 overall draft pick, there still wouldn’t be enough juice to get the STL fired up for pro football.


Shit. Now I don’t know how it can get any worse.

Seriously, what scenario could have been worse for the Rams than Steven Jackson getting accused of prego girl beating? I can’t think of one. I honestly can’t.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see how this one plays out. But like a punch drunk boxer, I don’t think this team can take any more blows like this without getting knocked out.


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Have a killer weekend, dorks. See you back here bright and early Monday morning. If not sooner.