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Braces, Laser Pointers & The Friday Links

Remember that kid that aimed the laser pointer at the Giants and Mike Matheny busted him? 

He's been sentenced. To a $500 fine and probation. BND.com has the whole story. (Which they seemed to have boosted from the Post-Dispatch?) And it looks like the whole matter is being put to bed. 

Remember when laser pointers were the cool thing? Those were the days. Because you know what's cool now with kids? 


I'm not jerking your chain here. This is catching on. So much so that reputable news outlets are running stories about the "dangers of fake braces". In fact… they could KILL YOU!

A big part of me wonders just why the hell this wasn't a fad when I was in jr. high. Would have made things a whole lot easier, right? Next thing you know debate team and band are going to get you tons of slow dances at the mixer. 

I was born into the wrong era!

Now, the Friday Links…

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That's it. That's the week. Maybe we can finally get a good bowl game at some point? Perhaps the hockey lockout can end? We've been sober for a couple of days now. Let's go have a drink.