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Buble & The Friday Links

I’ve been to many concerts.

I’ve seen everything from Three Six Mafia under a hastily constructed tent to Fleetwood Mac in a large arena. I’ve watched O.A.R. in a bar with 6 other people before they were big and wedged myself into the Pageant when Girl Talk was at his apex. From Bone Thugs & Harmony to Boyz II Men, Dave Matthews to Widespread Panic, Nelly to North Mississippi All-Stars… my resume is diverse and deep. I spent a significant part of my 20’s seeking out and attending concerts that I thought would be entertaining for one reason or another.

So I don’t say this lightly: Micheal Buble was one of the 10 best concerts I’ve ever been to.

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Tuesday night I got Buble’d in Indianapolis. But Hooks, weren’t you watching The Bachelorette on Monday? Is this site now owned by Bravo? Luckily Buble started off his concert with a pretty bold stand-up routine addressing this very issue.

‘Most of the other guys at the office are wondering what happened to your dicks, am I right? Wonder why you’d go see that Buble crap? Tomorrow you can tell them to fuck off, because tonight we’re going to have a party.’ Upon hearing this, he spots a couple of 10 year old girls in the second row and addresses that: ‘Perfect. How old are you girls? 10? So this was NOT was mom was expecting at Buble, huh?’

This was all probably scripted. But it worked. He sold it. And then he ripped into about 100 minutes of music with a full-on 15 piece band that was awesome. No shit- It was awesome.

He worked the crowd, did a spontaneous Michael Jackson medley (after explaining that every reporter asks him about growing up and worshiping Frank Sinatra, when really he loved MJ) before finishing off the concert alone, on stage, with no mic, a completely silent arena packed with 15K people and killed a song.

Cool. As. Fuck.

Women were literally shaking leaving the arena. Every guy was looking at each other wanting to know it was OK to say out loud ‘that was gooood’. Everybody wondering how to explain just what the hell happened there and if anyone would actually believe them.

Listen, I know I’m going to get killed for this. No matter what I say, people, especially guys, aren’t going to believe that Michael Buble puts on a hell of a show. But I’m telling you right now… he DOES.

Don’t trust me about anything else I’ve ever said, but trust me on this. Oh, and that awesome pic above? I took it with iPhone4. I’m awesome too.

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And if you think you’re getting out of this post without a Buble Video? Child please…