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Can Peter Bourjos Handle The Pressure Of St. Louis?

No, St. Louis isn’t Boston, Philadelphia or New York.

There aren’t screaming headlines on the back pages of tabloids (like this or this) everyday designed to get Cardinals fans into a lather. At the same time, the seriousness of baseball is every bit the equal to the northeast.

We’re the disappointed parent that has incredibly high standards, not the ones screaming in the aisles of the grocery store to get back in the cart.

So it’s no surprise that after exactly 1 game in 2014, the articles about Peter Bourjos have started. Rant Sports posted a stern reminder to Pete that Randal Grichuk had a pretty damn good spring and Jon Jay is waiting in the wings.

Not saying anything more than that… just want you to be aware, sir.

Ok, 0-3 with an error isn’t how anyone wanted Bourjos to unbox 2014.

However… St. Louis isn’t Los Angeles. People care. They care alot. No offense to Angel Nation but a couple of more STL fan favorite signings and they might have a more passionate fan base in St. Louis than they do in SoCal.

And I wonder what Pete thinks when he fires up his browser today and sees people reminding him of Grichuk and Jay after one bad game. Is he amused? Was he ready for this level of dedication (slash sometimes insanity)? Will he be the type of guy that continues to get his fire fueled by a city that come summer will have him under a powerful microscope?

I have no idea. I hope he’s ready. I think he’s ready.

But the season has started and Pete took a tiny step backwards before he got a chance to make a good impression.

(PS, in case you’re reading Mr. Bourjos – we know defense here and if you’re the getting thrown into the convo with Jimmy Baseball and Willie McGee, well, you know… errors. Stop those.)

Again, let’s all pump the brakes. He could end up being everything we hoped for.

We’ll give him a couple more weeks. I think.