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Cardinals Blogger Event

So the Cardinals had their annual 'Blogger Event' this past Sunday.

A) That's Bill DeWitt III

He told us that Ballpark Village should have steel showing in the next 3-4 weeks and that the project is on pace to open Phase 1 by Opening Day 2014. He's working on getting better phone/internet in the stadium. And his two kids are sitting on the floor to the right of him, just in case you thought bloggers couldn't sit in chairs.

B) That's John Mozeliak.

He told us that that guys like Wacha and Oscar are ready for the pros now, but the Cardinals don't have room for them. He's working on the draft and knows that SS is an area of weakness. He seemed to be bullish on Carlos Martinez and didn't take a joke about Ty Wigginton as well as the asker would have liked. 

C) That's Bill Ivie.

A long time ago, he wrote for Cards Diaspora. Now he's got a seat. And you can see where they put me. In the back, behind a pillar. Standing. A case for the quality of the work I've been putting out. 

You can see all the photos of the day on the Cardinals website: LINK HERE

And even though the free beer, food and nice pin they gave me were appreciated, I'm still going to have to say bad things about the Cardinals from time to time. I think they'll understand.

Doesn't mean I can say thanks to the front office. They're solid people. Forget everything we said before.