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Cardinals Bullpen Not Playing Very Well

So Mitchell Boggs in the 7th? 

One of these innings he's going to be good again, right? We'll just see how low we have to go. Like a reverse limbo stick.

I'm pretty sure that #TossedSalas has pitched a good game in his career. I can't seem to reach that far back for the actual proof, though. So if you've got some antidotes or pictures from way back when proving such, feel free to send those in.

If you missed last night's national embarrassment against the Phillies, consider yourself lucky. A pretty gutty start from Jake Westbrook turned into another gas can performance from the inept Cardinals bullpen. 

Mitchell Boggs, still NOT not called the closer, has pushed his ERA north of 12 with a 0.1 inning 4 hit, 4 run outing. All this during his fabled '8th inning comfort zone'. 

Oh, and Joe Kelly? He's still on the team. I have confirmed that. However, Big Milk has been alerted that he's missing in action and to be ready to put him on the back of milk cartons as soon as the Cardinals give the word.

Something tells me that we're going to be looking back on these games that have been pissed away in April with regret.