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Cardinals Clinch 18th National League Championship

We’ll spare you the “who would have thought this was possible 6 weeks ago” narrative that you’ve already read 14 stories on this morning. Because if you actually did see this coming, you shouldn’t be reading blogs in a cubicle farm, you should be blowing shots of Patron off 4 hookers somewhere in San Tropez.

That being said… HOLY SHIT, you guys!

Game 6 started off where Game 5 finished Friday night – with the Cardinals scoring runs in bunches and punishing whatever pitcher cum piece of red meat cum tomato can Ron Roenicke sent out to take their medicine.

Berkman, Craig, Chambers,  Freese,  Furcal,  Pujols,  Punto… the long list of players that had RBIs in Sunday’s laugher, with Freese tying the Cardinals post-season record of 14 RBIs after another first pitch bomb that sealed Shaun Marcum’s 2011(and probably beyond) legacy with the Brewers.

Speaking of which, the Brewers and their fans had a brutal night. Prince Fielder basically confirms there is no way he’s coming back with the whole “I’ve been with these guys since I was 18 and this is hard” line of deflection on his pending free-agency. Nyjer Morgan, the Clown, contributes less than nothing again so that magical Tweet calling out “Alberta” and chiding the Cardinals to “enjoy watching” the Brewers in the post-season can live in infamy.

Oh, and of course: THIS

That’s not going to look suspect in 2025, right?

There are always challengers to the throne. Houston had a good run in the middle aughts. Cincinnati tried to put something together the past couple of years. The Brewers took their shots. But in the end, the King always prevails. The rest of the National League are the court jesters, playing for our amusement while we take the spoils when it really matters.

18 times the Cardinals have been crowned champions.

2011 was the most improbable of them all.

Long live the King.

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