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Cards Steal Brewers Groundskeeper & Friday Links


As Cardinals fans it's sometimes hard to gain. 2 NL pennants. 1 World Series championship. 6 playoff series wins (not even counting the win against Atlanta in 2012 as a 'series'.) And, that, my friend, is just the past 3 seasons. 

Go ahead and ask you favorite baseball pundit who they think will be in the NL Driver's seat come April. They're going to tell you the Cardinals. By a mile. 

So imagine being a Brewers fan. They went all in a couple seasons back to try and win it all. Gave up tons of prospects to acquire big stars like C.C. Sabathia and Zack Greinke, only to have those guys bolt Wisconsin as soon as they weren't being contractually forced to be there.

Now? Well now they can't even keep their heads groundskeeper.

Because he's coming to the Cardinals. LINK HERE

Couldn't tell you if this was a big score for the Cardinals or not. Couldn't tell you if they're planning more SIUC football games at Busch Stadium and needed some more troops to handle the divots. 

But I can tell you that you need to click on that link and read the comments. Everything from how the Cardinals are a class organization and everything that the Brewers will never be, to ruminations about how this signals the true end of the Brewers being in Milwaukee. 

It's amazing. 

Now go think about just how disappointed we all were when the Cardinals lost the World Series again. Because when you realize that other fans in our division are using their Hot Stove time to talk about the merits of a groundskeeper and what it means in the 'big picture'… well, finally, you might get a bit of perspective on 2013.

Now, The Friday Links…

Funny warning signs. LINK HERE

America. LINK HERE

Just try it. LINK HERE



Good Vines. LINK HERE

That's it. That's the week. The Cardinals are exploring all options at SS, it looks like. According to sources we've been in touch with, everyone is still in play. Even you. You played SS for a while in Little League, right? That's why the Cardinals have been trying to get ahold of you. Nothing is off the table. Nothing.