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Cards Diaspora Makes The News!

A couple of things to point out here:

1- We’re shameless and going to ride this Bachelorette thing as long as the page views keep coming. You can always go to Pitchers Hit 8th for Cardinals talk.

2- Thanks to Ashley for really plugging the site big time. She didn’t have to do that. So if you watch the 10p news in STL, watch her show @ 5/10p. It’s cool- NBC produces it (another story for another day) so I’ll still make $$$ if you’re not watching Mike Bush.

3- We’ve got way more that was cut on this and some one-on-one time I had with The Mask that we’ll be running next week.

4- Girls. Seriously, we still like them. The good stuff comes about 1:43 in or so…