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CardsDiaspora.com College Bowl Pick’em – WIN STUFF!

So we had 50 CD readers sign up for a winner take home 50 bucks NFL pick’em pool. Let’s check in with the leader board on that deal with 3 weeks to go…

Looks like we’ve got a pretty tight race for the 50 bones shaping up. Surprisingly, well over half of the people that signed up have made picks every week and aren’t out of it. But are going to have to be virtually perfect the last 3 weeks. Considering the leader has MISSED 74 games, that’d be pretty amazing.

College Bowl Pick’em is a little bit different.

All you do is pick the winner and then assign confidence points. The person with the highest total points after the BCS Championship game wins.

(For example, if you REALLY love MU over Iowa, give that pick 35 points. If Mizzou wins, you’ll get 36 total points. Really, you’ll figure it out.)

To the winner? A prize pack. We’ve got all sorts of stuff we never got around to giving out during the baseball season, so we’ll make it worth your while. Plus, you can just do this once and forget about it, unlike the NFL picks you’ve got to do each week.


Feel free to pass this on to whoever you want. We’ll cap it at 50 players again.

Good luck!