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CD Announcement: Another New Writer


Back when Van Ram started this site in 2005, it was a pretty intellectual place. Statistics were analyzed, smart people congregated, etc, etc. Then the Washington Fucking Post offered RVB  a job and he pretty much realized that this site was heading in the wrong direction. Fast. So he jumped.

No seriously- The Washington Post

For a while I went at it alone. The posts weren’t good, but they came most weekdays. And a funny thing happened on our way to complete failure… more people actually started reading for some reason. Actually, the World Series run in 2006 was the reason, but I like to think it was my tremendous work ethic.

For a while, we had Fresh West Coast post some things here or there, but he doesn’t like to be tied down, so he just e-mails ideas and links when he can. It’s good for the site… but still, it was me. And you guys were getting sick of me.

Luckily Bert Flex collapsed and we picked up HMW. Then for some reason Trumbsy was just kind of writing her own blog and people weren’t finding it- because I happen to think she’s insanely talented, unlike HMW and I. I have no doubt she’s going to be a star if she wants to be.

So that made 3. And the feedback I get through the site has been positive. Most the articles that people send notes about aren’t mine. Sometimes they think they’re mine, but they’re not. They’re usually HMW’s or Trumbsy’s.

Starting today, we’re hiring another writer: The Mad Librarian.

Who is she? Let her explain:

  • Prefers heels to faces
  • Enjoys the view from section 356 at Busch
  • Believes mascots are untrustworthy crotch-thrusters
  • Acknowledges that Jason LaRue is a jobber, but would hit that anyway
  • Canceled cable, so listens to games on the radio (hee-HEE)
  • Probably knows more creative swears than you
  • Loves everything about baseball except the designated hitter
  • Quotes Will Ferrell movies extensively
  • Possesses both a rack and a working knowledge of Fangraphs

So there you go. She used to work with HMW over at Bertflex. She’s a female so now we have some balance on this site. And she also happens to be funny as fuck. Or at least funnier than Seth Rogan.

Welcome her. Her first post is coming very soon.

Sorry if all of this is extremely boring, but I figured I owed an explanation about what we’re doing with this site.