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CD Announcement: HQ Moving To Chicago

All 8 of you may or may not have been aware… 

But CD HQ is moving to Chicago. 

Who cares?

My mom? The IRS? Other than that, I'm not sure.

But just in case, it's a heads up.

What Is This Stupid Site?

Way back in 2006, Ryan Van Bibber started this site. He posted an ad on Craigslist looking for freelance writers. I responded. And somehow, this is still going. 

But the name 'Diaspora' literally means 'a scattered population with a common origin'.

Since RVB was living out east at the time he wrote from a perspective of a Cardinals fan not in St. Louis. The spirit of the site was to be a place that all sorts of Cardinals fans in far flung places would find a home at this portion of the Internet.

Makes Sense. So Chicago?

Turns out that RVB had bigger plans and currently runs Turf Show Times, while the rest of us toil away in obscurity over here at Cards Diaspora. I've been the de facto managing editor since he left. And have lived in St. Louis since the site's inception.

Now I'm off to Chicago at the end of February. So the non-existent HQ we keep referencing will move with me. By HQ, I mean my MacBook.


Believe it or not, I have a real job. And sometimes that real job requires me to be in places other than St. Louis. This is one of those times. 

So is it Cubs Diaspora now? Lulz.

You're better than this. 

But just in case you actually aren't? Then no. Never. We won't cover the Cubs any more or any less than we did the past 7 seasons. If it's Cardinals related, then maybe. But the focus will be on all things Cardinals, just how it always has. 

Bottom line this for me, Hookshot. 

If you notice more pics of me with Trumbsy or at more games in Wrigley than normal, now you know why.

Other than that, it's just a heads up. And a viable link I can post on Facebook so people can like and move on from so they can watch their 10th anniversary movie trailer again from Zuckerberg and company.

Carry on with your day. If for some reason you have questions that haven't been answered, post them in the comments.