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CD Year In Review: Cubs On Undercover Boss

The Cubs.

The punching bags of professional sports once again shoved themselves into the national consciousness when they allowed the CBS reality show ‘Undercover Boss’ come in one late summer week when the Small Bears were out of town and film an episode that aired during the baseball playoffs.

If you’re not familiar with the show, it’s the most formulaic TV ever created. And I mean that sincerely. It never, ever varies. And in fairness, it doesn’t really need to. If you’re interested in the inner-workings of companies you’ve heard of, you’re watching this show.

Basically an owner of a large business agrees to ‘go undercover’ at his or her company and do all the menial tasks that your mother warned you about when you got all those F’s in high school. The boss will fail pretty spectacularly, but find gut-wrenching stories of woe along the way. He will also find one bad apple that he or she is appalled at and will speak to sternly during the reveal.

I happen to not hate this show. Perhaps working for large companies, I have a perverse fascination with commerce that’s unhealthy. Maybe I’m just drained from watching 8 hours of football on Sunday night when this show airs. But I’ve probably seen 7 or so of the 10 episodes they’ve done. Honestly, the Subway one I learned a ton. The most recent Dick’s Sporting Goods? Not so much.

But the one that had Cubs owner Todd Ricketts participate was truly a blogging goldmine for the CD. So much so, that I can report that this post was the highest viewed post in 2010 for the entire site…

Looking back, I can’t believe the Cubs were happy with this.

At all.

I mean the OWNER of the CUBS was stealing, got caught, then lied about it. Worse, he decided to try and rationalize his actions in the one on one interview with the producers after the fact.

Couple this with about 1,434 health code violations, a groundskeeper that called the front office incompetent and an overarching sense that the Cubs aren’t going to be powerhouses in anything anytime soon with this family at the helm… well you had some damn fine viewing for Cardinal fans.

“Bartman” the documentary from the ESPN 30 for 30 series that they are continuing is also scheduled to debut in 2011. So if you’re taking wadgers on the most viewed posts for next year, keep that in mind.