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CJ Wilson Gets Real With Vice Sports

If you’re a Cardinals fan you probably only know CJ Wilson from 1 of 2 things: The constant barrage of Head & Shoulders commercials during baseball game telecasts or the 77.5M dollar contract he signed with the Angles around the time Pujols signed his 240M+ deal.

On a related, but separate, note Vice Sports launched yesterday.

You might know Vice from their popular magazine or HBO show. But they’re in a position to get much bigger (rumor has it their news organization might take over Headline News Network…)

Anyway, I came across this video series that Vice is doing called ‘Off Day’. And even though CJ Wilson wasn’t someone I was actively seeking out features on, I watched.

Is it just me, or is that some pretty straight talk from CJ?

I mean, he still plays for the Angels, but is calling out the team for spying on him with a PI? Or who are these teammates he’s calling out for marrying the gold-diggers and then getting cold feet? Some strong takes, even if you didn’t care for all the car talk.

Anyway, the video only had a few thousand views, so I figured it was worth a share.

Photo: Dallas News