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Don’t Stuff Your Glove In A Closet… If You Win

If we had to nominate one Cardinal to get the Mike Leach treatment and be stuffed in a dank closet, who would it be? You think Brendan Ryan will get a little bit nervous next time he tells TLR about getting knicked up in spring training?

If you hadn’t heard; the Texas Tech head coached (recently profiled on 60 Minutes for being a genius) was suspended from his team’s bowl game for allegedly stuffing a player into dark rooms when he reported to practice with mild concussions. The player also happens to be the son of former SMU star and NFL player Craig James… who happens to be a college football analyst on ESPN. The same ESPN that’s got to cover this story since college football is barely on any other network anymore.


Even more so? Merrill Hodge admitting on Mike & Mike this morning that he was once a student teacher and he knocked a kid out to teach him a lesson about disrespecting his teacher. Seriously.

And just in case you were wondering… yes, he does believe Leech should be fired for this offense. Also he mentioned something about adult spanking before I turned the damn radio off.

But back to the Cardinal we’d stuff in a dank closet. I nominate Dennys Reyes.

You have only until 11:59p CST tonight to get your vote in for the best celeb pic with a CD reader. The winner will get a new baseball glove and gift card to 54th Street Bar & Grill. Here are the nominees:


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