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Finally Some Truth on Craigslist

It’s been 4 years, but I’m finally moving again.

And it looks like over the course of 4 years, Craigslist has lost grip with English.

  • Cute = Ray King Could Not Lay Down
  • Affordable = Shithole
  • Refinshed = Not Since It Was Built
  • Charming = Crackden
  • Spacious = Crackden Occupied by Multiple People

It’s like adjectives were taken out back and shanked. And each time you click on a link that contains one of those words, you just want to punch a wall. You know you’re getting a hellhole, but you hope… you PRAY that this is the one jackleg on CL that is being honest about his/her listing.

It never is.

Until it is.

Check out this bad boy: (LINK HERE)

In case you can’t read that, that’s a CL listing in Soulard that includes a stripper pole.

And yes, the listing has a photo and calls it “classy and cool”. Oh, and in case you want to take your hos to the Farmer’s Market Sunday morning, it’s really close.

The search marches on, but here’s to you 900/1br in the ‘Heart of Soulard’. You made this day way, way better.