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Fredbird Is A Craigslist Missed Connection

Do you know what Craigslist is? If not, then this could get confusing.

On CL, there is a section called 'Missed Connections'. It's  a pretty interesting concept. And there is a section just for St. Louis. 

Let's say you're at a bar and you start chatting up a lady or dude. You seem to be hitting it off. But they head off the the bathroom at the same time your ride is leaving. You can't stay, right? So you head out and wonder what could/should have happened.

On 'Missed Connections', you'd post something to the effect of where you were, when you were there and a brief few lines of why you had a connection. Worst case scenario, you're putting it out to the universe. Best case, that other person sees it and reaches out.

For the rest of us, it's just entertaining.

Well, guess who has a 'Missed Connection'? That's right…. FREDBIRD!

I just…

I mean…

Can we help this lady out? Because I REALLY want to know how this all ends up. According to his Cardinal Kids profile, Fredbird isn't married, so… we've got some potential here.