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Game 35: Wainwright Is Everything

Adam Wainwright didn’t let that hiccup in Chicago last Friday derail his in-progress monster season.

He flambeed the Atlanta Braves over 8 dominant innings, only giving up 1 run and 1 walk. He lowered his ERA to 2.02 and let the bullpen get a breather. Once the Cardinals grabbed the lead early, you knew this one was on lock.

But the real story in 2014 – or at least the more eyebrow raising – isn’t Wainwright’s Cy Young-esque pitching… it’s that he’s one of the most reliable bats in a line-up that’s had trouble putting runs on the board.

With 2 more hits, he now has 8 on the season and a season average of .400. FOUR hundred.

For perspective, Wainwright’s best batting season was in 2007 when he had 18 hits over 37 games and 74 plate appearances. Before this season, he only had 90 hits total in 6 full seasons as a starting pitcher, plus 6 plate appearances as a reliever.

He’s on pace for 32-35 hits in 2014, more than enough for his first Silver Slugger award.

Dan and Al talked about how Waino changed up his batting stroke in the off-season to try and shorten it up. He’s brought his hands out from chest. And he looks more confident than ever when he steps in the box. He started the Cardinals eventual go-ahead inning in the 3rd, lacing a double off the left-center wall.

Wainwright is a beast right now on the mound.

But he’s turning into one of the better hitting pitchers in the NL too? It’s almost unfair. Let’s just all be glad he’s playing for the good guys.

Photo: SF Gate