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Goodnight Sweet Prince & The Friday Links

He came. He conquered. He came some more- Rick “Dick” Ankiel is no longer the property of the St. Louis Baseball Cardinals.

Finally the mothers of St. Louis can get a decent night’s sleep.

Over the years, we’ve made no bones about our fondness for the greatest pitcher/hitter/fornicator that this town has ever born witness to. So today is a day of mourning.


I suppose we knew deep down that Dick wasn’t coming back to the team that drafted him as a stud pitcher in 1997. But still, as word leaked out last night that he had agreed to a 1 year 3.25 million dollar contract with the KC Royals, we couldn’t help but be taken aback.

After all, this was the same guy that was awesome as a pitcher, completely lost ‘it’ in an epic playoff meltdown in the biggest media market in the world, quit pitching altogether, and made it back into the Cardinals line-up as a power-hitting OF.

All while moonlighting as a porn star.

Was he the perfect player? No. He wasn’t.

But I also don’t believe that St. Louis fully appreciated just what the hell this guy had done. A fraction of a percentage of players are good enough to get 1 win in the majors as a pitcher. A slightly smaller fraction of players are good enough to get one hit in the majors. Yet, somehow, this guy excelled in both.

That’s a freak. In all senses.

CardsDiaspora wishes Dick Ankiel all the best in Kansas City- he’s going to need it if he wants to get out of that town STD free…

Now some links…

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