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Hooks Leaves For Mexico; Leaves CD Readers With Much To Read

In an effort to do something about the miserable cold that has run rampant over the Midwest these past 2 months, I will be traversing to Mexico the next four days to investigate why the sun, liquor and knockout women are all hanging out in Playa Del Carmen.

I don’t expect many thanks in return for my tireless humanitarian work, but if you’d like to make a donation to the Human Fund in my name, that’s on you.

In the meantime:

  • Follow my Twitter- Link Here (I’ll be updating on my expedition)
  • Check in on- Inside STL Friday. I’ll have a column on the ways the Cards can LOSE the NL Central in 2010
  • And stick with the CD- HMW has agreed to post the rest of the week in my absence. And he’ll have the Friday Links… and possibly even a pretty sweet give-a-way.

Thanks for the support.

Adios, hombres.