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I Think We See Signs of a Spine

Well helllloooo there Cardinals. Nice to meet you. 

Winning one run games? Coming from behind? Beating winning teams?

After 5 months of playing opossum you’ve finally decided to come outside, did you? Nobody here is going to complain. That’s for damn sure. Guess we just weren’t expecting 3 of 4 from the Reds and Pirates on the road. I suppose we hoped for it, but definitely didn’t expect it. 

Now you’re sitting at 71-57 and tantalizingly close to the that 15 game over .500 mark with a month to hunt down the Reds. And all is well in Cardinal Nation tonight. 

You know, we’re often petty and mean-spirited around these parts, but tonight? Tonight we’ve got nothing but love. Every win on the road is a win closer to getting into the playoffs. Let’s get there and take our chances. 

October is always better with baseball.

I promise there isn’t a trap door on this post. We weren’t hard on you before because we’re dicks (probably), but because we knew that you were capable of bigger and better things. 

Let’s aim higher. Let’s hunt for a division title and let’s enjoy that Wild Card playoff from home.

High-Fives men. Keep it rolling.