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Imagining The Baseball Version Of LeBron

Basketball is not baseball.

You’re right. You’re not an idiot. You already knew that. I mean, the reason that all of Cleveland and Chicago and about a half dozen other cities are waiting on LeBron & Carmelo’s decisions on where to play next season is because wherever they go, those teams instantly have a good shot at the NBA title.

Baseball? How’s that Albert Pujols working out for you Anaheim? Big free agents can help or they can make little to no difference at all.

Still, it’s fun to think of baseball equivalent of LeBron James. So the good people over at Fan Graphs have tried to work through the math.

By this approach, the baseball equivalent of LeBron James is absolute peak Barry Bonds at the plate with, I don’t know, absolute peak Ozzie Smith in the field. And, presumably, this imaginary player is better both at the plate and in the field. And he doesn’t miss a single game.

The whole article is worth the read to watch the math work itself out. Really puts into perspective just how good LeBron James is and why he’s got the NBA world by the apple bag right now.

Photo: DPaperWall