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Jared Shumaker Inks 2 Year Deal With Cardinals

The St. Louis Cardinals signed Jared “Skip” Shumaker to a 2 year deal for 4.7 million dollars Monday evening.

Buddies Mikey, Punk’n and little Johnny were not available for comment immediately, but chances are they’re going to expect a kick ass clubhouse sometime soon.

The inking prevents and arbitration hearing and saves the Cardinals roughly 800K if Shumaker would have won his case. It also shows that the Cardinals are serious about the Shumaker experiment at second base. After 1.5 years of experience at 2B the value of this contract should be made apparent very quickly.

In all seriousness, congratulations to Jared. I think lost in the shuffle of an MVP season by Albert and a mid-season acquisition of Matt Holliday amongst all the All Star Game shenanigans was a pretty awesome story about guy changing positions to stay on a MLB team. And doing it pretty respectably.

How many times have we said something like “If X player could only play X position, we’d be set”? Jared actually did that and didn’t look like a complete boob while learning against the best baseball players on the planet. That’s some tough shit to do… while trying maintain a solid bat.

Good guy. Solid player. Fair contract for everyone. No downside to this at all.

What the hell, cookies and milk for everyone involved!~