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Joe Buck Appears – and Sings – On Late Night

Last night, a local fella named Joe Buck made an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  He was probably there to plug Wine Wednesday at J.Bucks, but I think they only got around to talking about stupid football and the stupid MLB playoffs.

Actually, Joe touched on a number interesting topics, or as interesting as it gets for Joe Buck:

-Fans buy him shots, which is pretty funny.
-Fever Pitch (I’ll never see that fucking movie) and some ’04 World Series recollection.
-A couple favorite announcing moments.
-Explaining his break into the business, crediting nepotism. I hope Cody McKay says the same when being interviewed at the Pizza Hut buffet he’s at right now.
-A Bob Costas short joke, which never gets old.
-Vocal cord discussion that really ensures all viewers are ready to fall asleep.

At the end of the segment Joe sang Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” – this was not included in the clip below for some reason. You’d think Hooks would have access to Hulu’s controls by now to fix things like this. After a quick Google search, that song is a karaoke favorite of Joe’s. Research, baby. We gots it.

It makes me wonder if this is what every night would be like if Dan Caesar had a late-night show. Someday Dan…some day. Watch the full episode if you’ve got nothing to do. Or view the clip below for the majority of the segment: