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Lance Berkman Retires & The Friday Links

He'll always be an Astro.

But Lance Berkman's moonlighting gig with the Cardinals was pretty sweet.

Yes, Puma retired this week. Deciding that his time had come after only 294 plate appearances for the Texas Rangers in 2013.

Bernie has a nice column over at the Post-Dispatch about Berkman. 

When it's all said and done, he'll be remembered for a singular at bat.

Yes, his 2011 season was sick. Yes, he was always the great quote. But history is reductive and Lance set the table for David Freese to create his legacy. He gave us all, with his teammates, the best baseball game we'd ever seen.

Hard to believe that we're already going to be 2.5 years removed from that moment soon. You're getting old. And we're not even going to touch on how far back 2006 is. 

So we can't add much, other than a tip of the cap. Here's to Lance getting a shot in some broadcast booth somewhere. I can't believe that wouldn't be a great fit.

Now, the Friday Links…

Rod Streater with the real Beats commercial. LINK HERE

The new One World Trade Center is almost done. LINK HERE

Gained a little weight. LINK HERE

Godfather filming locations then and now. LINK HERE

Most of the 2014 Super Bowl commercials early. LINK HERE

Snack Stadiums. LINK HERE

That's it. That's the week. Hopefully you have big plans for the Super Bowl on Sunday. And hopefully those plans include partying so hard that the polar vortex decides to pack up and leave us all alone. We've tried pretty much everything else. Let's give it a shot.