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MLB Crush Monday: Stan Musial?

MTV2 and MLB have partnered up for a show called ‘Off The Bat From The MLB Fan Cave‘.

It’s hosted by Fat Joe and Melanie Iglesias. While it’s good to see Mr. Joe get work again and not have an American Institution ‘lean back‘ into obscurity, let’s be honest… people are tuning in to look at Ms. Iglesias.

To sex up the show for the ladies (and some men), they’re doing ‘Man Crush Monday’.

Yesterday was Monday. The Cardinals were in town to play the Mets. Here’s from the MTV2 Blog:

There’s nothing like staring at a man in uniform to kick off the work week, right? In honor of MTV2′s new series, “Off the Bat from the MLB Fan Cave,” every Monday we’re putting the spotlight on one of the sexiest sluggers in the game. Here, overall stats, batting averages and team standings don’t completely dictate whether or not a player gets picked — see below for five reasons why this week’s pro made the MLB Crush Monday cut!


Tell me WHO has a .00001% chance to convince Melanie to quit her cable hosting gig and live the good life as a WAG? Who would be the perfect gentleman and give your little girl all the finest things in life? Who would never, ever consider dabbling in a side of road beef?

Stan Musial.

Yes, Stan Musial. He joins Adam Jones, Anthony Rizzo and Bryce Harper as a winner of the prestigious title.

You can read the whole story over at the blog to see why they made the absolute right choice and determined once and for all that hot girls would rather dabble in necrophilia than date a Cub.


Props to Eileen Reslen for actually giving a new generation perspective on The Man. She could have taken the easy route and just picked Willie McGee to represent the Cardinals instead of choosing between Miller, Wacha and Wainwright. But she dug deeper.

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