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MLB’s Winter Meetings Start Today

The 2013 'Winter Meetings' started today. 

For Cardinals GM John Mozeliak it's going to a lot like Taylor Swift going to a record selling convention – all smiles and back pats from his industry buddies, while a seething hatred bubbles just below the surface. 


You fellers are having trouble with your teams?

Holler at me down at the cabana bar when you're done with work, cool?

The only objective left for the Cardinals is trying to get a right handed backup hitting infielder. You know, just in case Kolten Wong doesn't light the world on fire the first couple of months. Other than that?


I'm honestly not sure that a GM has ever gone to the Winter Meetings with less to do than Mr. Mozeliak. Kudos to him for locking up a SS and CF before Thanksgiving. That's what the Cardinals needed and that's what they've got. So beyond putting some feelers out there for the hell of it… it's going to be a relaxing next few days.

I did kind of find it amusing that the rates for the conventions are posted on the official Winter Meetings site. Did you know that the Cardinals had to pay $325 for Mr. Mozeliak's badge? Well, that's assuming the Cardinals paid in advance. Otherwise it's $475 at the door.

We'll be keeping an eye on any comings or goings that effect the Cardinals (or Pirates or Cubs or Reds) over the next couple of days. 

But for now, we'll picture Johnny Mo straight kickin' it by the pool.